#PollenMobile next #Helium success story?

Dainius Zino
4 min readApr 23, 2022


If you’re not familiar with Helium, it’s in a nutshell: you buy the equipment, put it in a location you maintain, give it data, and get paid for it. The company behind it doesn’t invest in the equipment, you do it for them.

This is how PollenMobile works. “Earn #PollenCoin for helping to build, validate and operate the Pollen network”. By the way, it is built on top of the #Solana network.

Let’s dive in to find out how it works.

Flowers are the antennas that wirelessly transmit data between your ISP and the users of the Pollen network. They can range from the size of a pizza box to a six-foot tower and can be installed anywhere, such as in your home or office.

Bumblebees are small, portable devices used to confirm the coverage of the Pollen network. They collect data from the flowers, such as signal strength and internet connection speed. Bumblebees are best used when traveling by car, bicycle, or other means of transport to check network coverage on the road.

Hummingbird — Your smartphones will become hummingbirds when you download and install the #Pollen eSIM. Once installed, you will be able to connect to the network privately and securely — and earn PollenCoin at the same time. eSIMs will also be linked to the NFT for anonymous payment of daily rewards. There’s that NFT again, you’ll have to wonder whether you want it or not. The sooner the better.

Why is it important?

Privacy and Anonymity

It’s impossible for anyone to track your communications or collect your personal data — much less profit by selling it.

Lower Costs

Our data prices aren’t bloated to pay for marketing, an executive’s private jet, or any other unnecessary costs because the network is owned and operated by its users.

Better Coverage

Anyone can extend the Pollen network by setting up a Flower anywhere — not where a corporation decides a new tower should be installed.


Pollen will empower its users to propose and vote on changes to the network when ownership and control are turned over to the Enhanced Decentralized Autonomous Organization (eDAO).

Pollen helps ensure the privacy and anonymity of its users by allowing payments to be made only with PollenCoin (PCN), a proprietary token. A total of 1 000 000 000 tokens have been created.

So, in simplified terms let’s say you have unlimited internet in your home. You buy equipment and share that internet with others who need it and get paid for it. The cost of the equipment is low. Well, relatively low. See their website or look at the attached picture.

Already looking to your bank account for spare money? Not so fast. The most important thing is here:

* Pollen’s coverage is currently limited to the San Francisco Bay Area.

But even that’s not stopping investors from across the bay 😊. The latest discord post : “At Pollen, we’re constantly considering how to deal with hardware that now operates outside of US territories. These devices are technically working, even though CBRS is not supported in their countries, but they are preventing Pollen from currently focusing on a strong network in the US. As a result, we intend to discontinue distribution of the Flower and Bumblebee PCNs outside of US territories but will support international Pollen Drops through the Honeybee app when it is released”.

When will Pollen expand into Canada and Europe?

All in all, a great project. If it were possible to deliver internet where the big ones don’t because it’s not worth it or they break the sky-high prices, that would be an argument. In many places, it may not be extra relevant, but Europe is full of spots where the internet is not great or very expensive. Want to be the first to know when it’s coming here? Join Discord https://discord.gg/BsacHz8UUc

Have a look at their whitepaper:




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